Community Involvement

To give back to the community, NNEPRA established The Cancer Care Program to provide discounted transportation to patients receiving treatment in Boston. One patient, whose only remaining option was to participate in a clinical trial in Boston, says, "I was using a lot of money for gas to make the multiple trips required for my appointments and treatments. The Downeaster Cancer Care Program has made a big difference in my ability to participate in the clinical trial. Thank you!"

NNEPRA is also a strong supporter of local educational programs. The Downeaster Discovery Program provides school and youth groups with discounted fares when traveling for educational purposes. More than 12,000 Maine school children have taken advantage of this program — and loved every minute of it.

NNEPRA is a member of chambers of commerce, civic, and economic development organizations along the Downeaster corridor. We participate in dozens of activities and fundraising events to support the region.