Rockingham Siding Rehabilitation

NNEPRA Project

Rockingham Siding is an existing signal controlled siding located between CPF 256 and CPF 258.  The Siding, which is approximately (2) track miles in length and constructed of 100lb jointed rail, is predominently located in the Town of Newfields, NH but extends slightly into Exeter, NH to the west.  Swamscott Street in Newfields, NH is the only at grade crossing located with the limits of the existing control siding and Pan Am’s Portsmouth Branch is accessed via the existing control siding at CPF 256.

The Amtrak Downeaster uses this siding as a meet location for passenger trains.  The current construction and condition of the siding, however, limits passenger train speed to 10mph and impedes Downeaster operations.    

Rehabilitation of the siding, which includes installation of new continuous welded rail to replace existing jointed rail, replacement of approximately 2,000 ties, 150 switch timbers, tie plates, rail anchors, 800 tons of ballast and surfacing, will increase speed on the siding and improve both passenger and freight train operations and safety.   The Project budget is $1.6M. 

NNEPRA has applied for and has been awarded a $1.2M Congestion Mitigation Air Quality Grant from the New Hampshire Department of Transportation for the Project.  The remaining costs will be contributed by Pan Am Railways.  A construction schedule has not yet been determined.